Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Doors

French-style or bi-fold, sliding patio doors make Toronto homes bright and beautiful, allowing for space efficiency and easy operation. If you are considering the installation of new patio doors and prefer sliding doors, our team is at your service.

To be accurate, Toronto Windows And Doors is available for full services. You can trust our team with any & all services on patio sliding doors in Toronto, Ontario.

Services for Toronto sliding patio doors

In all homes across Toronto, sliding patio doors can be fixed, replaced, evaluated, and maintained. If there are sliding patio doors in your residence and need service – any service at all, our company’s experience will make a difference. Ready to serve, our team can handle any service request.

  •          Sliding patio door repair. Door repair experts come out to fix failures, damage, and malfunctions associated with sliding patio doors – track misalignments, shattered glass, broken hardware, and more.
  •          Sliding patio door replacement. Sliding patio doors are replaced when they are worn, broken, and damaged. Even if you just want to upgrade with sliding patio door installation, Toronto techs quickly come out to serve your needs.
  •          Sliding patio door maintenance. Keep your patio doors sliding smoothly, offering the protection and convenience you seek by booking maintenance once in a while.

Sliding patio door installation specialists

Naturally, you can trust our team with a sliding patio door installation service. Are you remodeling? Is this a new house? Or, do you want to replace an existing sliding patio door?

In any of these cases, you will need sliding patio doors. And you will need sliding patio door installation experts. You can trust our team.

The first thing we do is send a pro to measure and check the structural requirements to accordingly suggest solutions for your sliding patio door installation. Be sure of the multiple choices when it comes to sliding patio doors.

  •          Two-panel sliding patio doors
  •          Bi-folding patio doors
  •          Pocket patio doors
  •          Multi-slide patio doors
  •          French sliding patio doors
  •          Accordion patio doors
  •          Telescopic patio sliding doors

While all such patio doors slide, they differ in regard to their size and how they slide. They have different numbers of panels, glazing, framing, and hardware too. The good news is that there are solutions for all tastes, budgets, structures as well as security and energy efficiency expectations. Whatever you want and need, that’s what you get. More importantly, the installers focus on the door’s specs and take into account the structure to start and complete their job to perfection. Don’t take chances with your new sliding patio doors. Toronto experts stand before you ready to offer solutions & service. You just contact our team.